c'est tout.

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Hello out there!

It has been a very long while since I've written here. And it is after much deliberation that I have finally decided that it's time to wrap up the HvH Interiors story.

I will no longer be publishing blog posts here, but I will keep the blog live anyways. I find myself referring to it often for inspiration or information - so if not just for myself, maybe some of you out there can still make use of it.

Starting this blog has propelled me into a world I didn't even know existed. And through it, I developed my interior style, got some opportunities to work on some eDesign projects, and met super amazing people. For these reasons, it is a project I will always cherish.

THANK YOU to all of you who have supported this blog by reading and sharing your comments on my posts. I am so deeply grateful for that and it has definitely made this whole experience even more fulfilling than I could have imagined.

But don't worry, I will not be disappearing completely from the blogging world. You will still find me posting over at We Heart Home and The Design Chef (after a bit of construction). I also have a few new projects lined up so you can follow me on my social channels to keep up to date.

Very best wishes!

Xx. Holly.


  1. Holly,

    I will continue to follow We Heart Home and and looking forward to seeing more from The Design Chef.



  2. Holly,

    It was a pleasure to be able to discover all sort of interesting things on your blog.
    It does make me sad because it makes me think that live goes on......
    I'm following you on We Heart Home and I love it !!!!!
    I'm also waiting for more of The Design Chef...

    I'm sure I always be able to follow you on some kind of project because you have lots of imagination and creativity = you.

    All the best for you,

  3. Best wishes Holly, your writing is always interesting - wherever it is. See you at the other posts xx

  4. Bye from here Holly! You do so much-see you at your other blogs! Cx