Winter Inspired Colour Palettes for Interiors

The weather has been quite nice these days, pretty mild, signs of spring approaching. So before winter leaves us for good up here, I thought I should share some winter inspired interior colour palettes I created. Remember the ones I did for autumn? Same concept but for winter. I paired some winter scenes with some interior images and pulled the colours out of them. It's a fun game I like to do. You can expect one for spring too :)  Enjoy!

image link: left and right

image link: left and right

image link: left and right

image link: left and right

Are you sad that winter is leaving us soon? Or are you glad? 

I was glad until I made these colour palettes, ha! I'm getting a bit nostalgic now ... 

Xx. Holly. 


Contemplation - Moodboard Monday

Lately I feel like I need to slow down and contemplate. So when I stumbled across the top image, I felt very drawn to it, as it seemed to describe my mood. I find the lady standing there in her peachy, orange dress among all the grey, sort of hopeful and still. And that's how I feel, quietly and peacefully hopeful. Just thinking about things. With vastness all around.

So naturally, the next step was to go with this mood and translate it to an interior space. You like?

How is your mood these days?

Xx. Holly.

Image links: top image, bottom right image, chair, lights, blanket, watches.


Sister Magazine - a new online publication!

It's getting ready to launch any minute now - Sister Magazine - a new online publication! I'm really excited about it. Have you heard of it?

For those who haven't, it's an online magazine geared towards women. More specifically, for the type of woman who is up-and-coming, educated, active and independent with a desire to be presented with inspiring and informative content via the digital world.  Topics covered will include technology, careers, travel, DIY, trends in fashion, interiors and other lifestyle topics. And dear readers, you are in for a treat because I have some sneak preview glimpses into the pages of the first publication. That's right, I'm so in the loop. Here, take a look:

Here's a little peak at one regular feature which will be about the world of wines written by a fabulous lady winemaker. How interesting!

Another regular feature will be Start Up Spotlight, where they will interview the inspiring people behind new start up businesses. Cool, right?

Sister Magazine is the product of two amazing sisters, Toni and Thea. They value their sisterly bond and want to share this ideal by encouraging the development of an inspiring and supportive community of like-minded women via this magazine.

It promises to be quite great. I believe that even though it's geared towards women, everyone may find something they like here. So do follow along by visiting their website, following their blog or connecting with Sister Magazine via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Looking forward to the first issue!

Xx. Holly.

ps. A big thank you to Sister Magazine for sharing these sneak peeks!


featured shop - Mineheart

Hello to you all. I'm featuring another interiors shop today meeting the criteria of online shopping and world wide shipping. Oh yeah, and liked by Holly, of course :)

Ready for it?

It's called Mineheart. Here are some of my favourite products.

clock plate clock 

left - Birdcage Lamp      right - Rocking Lamp 

wonderful wallpaper!  clockwise - White Planks, Chesterfield, White Panelling, White Bookshelf

It was founded in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. They put together a small but special collection of interior products that truly inspire. They proudly support British design and manufacturing with all their items. Passionate stuff designed and produced by passionate people.  

Do stop by Mineheart and browse around to discover and learn more. 

Xx. Holly.

*** Images courtesy of Mineheart.


featured shop - Be-dsgn (vintage Belgian furniture and home accessories)

Happy Monday folks!

Since I am an interior design consultant specializing and offering eDesign services, I like to share shops here on the blog that deliver world-wide because it's in line with my "design without borders" philosophy.

I'm sharing a shop with you today I'm sure you'll love - called Be-dsgn.

Philip and Bart are the owners and curators of Be-design. They specialize in finding and selling original mid-century furniture and home accessories with an emphasis on Belgian designs ('cuz that's where they're from and that's how they roll). Here are some of my favourite items in the shop:

desk - Joe Colombo for Bieffeplast

day bed  - Beaufort

Sputnik pendant

industrial spotlight - Narita

sideboard - Oswald Vermaercke for V-form

chairs - Novalux

All their items are sold in their original state and patina - in good condition or they have been very carefully and gently restored in order to preserve the originality of the pieces. Extra pictures and condition reports are available too if you need. No reproductions allowed. 

All prices on the website include VAT but not delivery. So just get in touch before hand to find out the delivery cost to your location. If you happen to be in Belgium, you can make an appointment to check out their real life showroom. 

Not only does Be-dsgn sell their awesome vintage finds, but they buy them too. So if you have a mid-century piece that needs a new home, do consider them. Also, if you are looking for something specific in this genre, simply send them an email and ask; they might just have what your looking for in their stockroom even though it may not be listed on the website. 

This shop is a real treasure chest of quality and stylish home furnishings and accessories. Do stop by Be-design to check out their full product range. You're in for a treat, I promise. 

Xx. Holly.


Holly at Ambiente 2012 - design discoveries and inspiration

So much has been going on this week so I've been a bit m.i.a here online. Most importantly, P (my husband), returned from almost three months away! He was doing a flight training phase in Florida because he's studying to become a pilot. I'm so happy to have him back. It's hard to be away from your best friend for so long. But we managed it, his training was a great experience and I had fun in Berlin while he was away. But I'm glad we can put that behind us now. So we're back in Frankfurt, in our apartment, in our stuff, together - it feels really good.

On an interior design note, I was able to get to the annual Ambiente fair here in Frankfurt. I could only make it on the last day, which was a bit overwhelming since the fair is so massive - but I discovered and saw some good stuff that I'd like to share with you all.

There were 11 sections to see in 3 major categories - Living, Dining and Giving. Since I couldn't see everything in one day, I chose 3 sections from the Living sector and decided to only stop at stands that really pulled me in, preferably ones I knew little about, because for me this little excursion was meant to satisfy my thirst for discovery. Of course, I did stop by some bigger brands or ones I knew well, just so I could touch all their juicy products and see what's new for the season.

To make my exploration and write up here a bit more interesting, I decided I would ask representatives to describe their product or brand in a single word. I have to admit, many had a really hard time with this question, so in the end I had to accept a few words to a small phrase.

Ready to see Holly's picks?  I'd like to start off with my ultimate favourite:

1.  Komat is a Berlin based design label founded by Matthias Kothe. Kothe was trained in carpentry and designs really beautiful, simple and calm pieces that have the ability to adapt to the needs and wishes of the user. All items displayed were 'fall in love' worthy, but here were my favourites.

- the delicate looking yet strong Landluft dining table and bench made of solid oak.

- a wonderfully simple yet fully adequate shelf and coat rack system called Robok.

- the concrete Beton light, urban yet soft, it can be used as a wall or table lamp.

- the Litebole lamp stands, hangs or lies, depending on what you need. With a beautiful walnut or sleek white base, the lamp comes with 4 magnetic metal sheets that can be used for control over light direction and strength.

Images courtesy of Komat.

Describe Komat in a single word (or a few ...) - simple, flexible, choices.

2.  XXL Prints is the creation of artist Rolf Wiedemann. He creates outstanding paintings, prints and photography pieces for the home in a variety of sizes and styles. The images speak for themselves.

Images courtesy of XXL Prints.

Describe XXL Prints in one word  (or a few ...) - Fun!

3. Fawory is a design group from Poland and they were displaying their ongoing work on one of their very fascinating projects - #02 transformation. It's about collecting old mid century chairs, exposing the frames and reinventing them by creating new fillers for them by way of recycling and reusing.  Malgorzata and Monika were the lovely ladies representing the project and their enthusiasm was really contagious. They insisted I try all the chairs on display! I'm glad I did, because each one had its own unique feel depending on the material used to fill the chair - but all were comfortable.

Images courtesy of Fawory.

Describe the Fawory Transformation project in one word (or a few...) - re-personalization.

4.  dmoch is a Swedish design studio and they were showing their project Theresa lights. The lamp exists on a weight and pulley system and can be adjusted and mounted as your heart desires. It has the potential to become a really dynamic part of a space even suggesting space delineation. The design is simple and soft, yet very functional and playful - a real modern nordic feel about it.

Images courtesy of dmoch.

Describe Theresa in one word (or a few...) - poetic interaction.

5.  Kraud is a German brand and design studio run by designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz. I was really interested in their Super - Light, a playfully minimalistic style pendant lamp whose cord is the main attraction. The one you see here is the classic pendant but they also have a freestyle version which is actually a mobile light. The cord comes in a choice of fun colours.

Images courtesy of Kraud.

Describe Super - Light in one word (or a few...) - I can't get enough of my cord!

6. Nordal is a family owned Danish brand that provides exciting and functional nordic inspired interior products. They were showing off their new summer 2012 collection which was a real treat for my eyes! Overall, it had a definite nordic feel, but nicely on the rustic side with a hint of global flair - a really intriguing combination.

Images courtesy of Nordal.

Describe Nordal in one word (or a few...) - happy!

7. Zenza is a fabulous Dutch home accessories brand. I was pulled in by their enchanting lighting collection. Silver plated pendants, ceiling and wall lights and table lamps, boasting delicate perforated patterns that make for an almost magical atmosphere. Their brand focuses on the hand made and traditional craft inspired by the Orient, but with a modern edge.  Zenza felt luxurious but relaxed, with an ethnic chic vibe and an urban nomadic spirit. Their designs get produced in their own factory in Egypt.

Images courtesy of Zenza.

Describe Zenza in one word (or a few...) - Zenzational!

8.  graypants is a conceptual design studio based in Amsterdam and Seattle. They're in the business of realizing thoughtful ideas. Right on point was their Scraplights project, which they were showing at the fair. I was immediately captivated as my eyes rest upon their display. If it weren't for the video shown on the wall under the display, it would have taken me a long time to realize these impressive pendant lights were actually made of cardboard. They creatively reused a material and gave it a whole new life. These lights create fascinating patterns in a darker environment because of how the light shines through the cross-sectioned cardboard. They look equally awesome unlit. Their impact in a space would be really amazing - the bigger ones for a dramatic effect, smaller ones for visual interest - either way, totally cool.

Images courtesy of graypants.

Describe graypants in one word (or a few...) - "let the beauty we love, be what we do" - Rumi.

9.  SMD stands for Swedish Masters of Design - a brand that produces Swedish products by Swedish designers. I have to feature them here even though they've been around since the 80's because the items on display were so aesthetically and functionally pleasing, it was hard to stay away. Plus, I have to admit, I didn't know much about them until that point. It felt like every product I looked at would make my life more beautiful and more simple if I owned it. What a wonderful thought - and quite reflective of the modern Swedish design philosophy in general, don't you think?

In addition, keep an eye out for the following products that are new to the collection but not on the website yet: Clock (a coated aluminum clock), Storage (a storage system) and Studio (another awesome storage system).

Images courtesy of SMD.

Describe SMD in one word (or a few...) - we make it because we'd use it.

10.  Pulpo is a relatively new brand (2006) and they've already had much success and world wide representation. Seeing some of their collection, you'd know why. Working with renowned designers and also creating some of their designs in-house, they have a perfectly interesting curation of products that make modern living functional and beautiful. Here are a few treats from Pulpo.

Images courtesy of Pulpo.

Describe Pulpo in one word (or a few...) - at the moment, we are growing up.

11. It's About RoMi is a Dutch home decor and accessories brand with serious personality. RoMi stands for Realistic Open Minded Individuals - and as I stood among their products I felt that everything there had a purpose, all working together to give a message about urban style and self expression. Some of their stuff is hard core and raw and some of it is quite sweet - living a happy coexistence.

They also have a lighting collection called citylights. It includes floor lamps, table lamps and hanging/wall/ceiling lights - all named after cities. The shades are available in 15 amazing colours. Here are my favourite lamps (from left to right: Oslo, Cadiz, Berlin, Bombay).

Images courtesy of It's About RoMi.

Describe It's About RoMi in one word (or a few...) - open-minded.

12.  Normann Copenhagen is a Danish interior products brand that you probably already know. Or else I'm sure you've seen their Bau Lamp floating around the internet lately. But I had to put them in here because they're so much fun. Their products always amaze, displaying creative ideas and interesting use of materials always in a Nordic frame of mind. Here are my favourite products for Spring 2012.

Images courtesy of Normann Copenhagen.

Describe Normann Copenhagen in one word (or a few...) - unpretentious.

So that's it folks. 12 stands at Ambiente 2012 that really captivated me. I'm so happy to be able to share them with you here. Of course, I saw so much more, but for some reason, these stuck with me most.

Happy Weekend!

Hope to see more of you next week ;)

Xx. Holly.