The Sleep Art Experience ... and a really cool hotel lobby!

That my friends, is my sleep translated to art. Yeah. How cool is that?

 A little over a week ago, I participated in the Sleep Art experience, courtesy of Ibis Hotels. They're in the midst of rebranding and one of their campaigns is aimed at creating some hype about these new beds they're putting in their hotel rooms, called The Sweet Bed. The Sweet Bed is super duper comfortable, designed to ensure the best rest. And now I can tell you that it really is an extremely comfortable bed. 

But here's the very interesting twist. For the Sleep Art experience, they equipped the topper of one of these beds with 80 sensors. The sensors transmit movement, sound and temperature data of the person who is sleeping in the bed to a robot. The robot has been built to respond to these data inputs with brushstrokes in different colours onto a canvas - like a real little artist. The robot's end product is the Sleep Art of that specific person. And I got to be one of them.

Have a look at this video if you'd like to understand the project better:

I had to be in bed by midnight until 6am, because that's when the data was being recorded.  By the way, the robot paints in real time and he was in Paris at the time of my sleep experience. Fancy that.  
Here's the Sweet Bed I slept in:

I had a perfectly restful sleep in a comfy bed covered in crisp white sheets, my head surrounded by the most amazing pillows ever. I actually had to ask about them the next day at reception. They weren't sure exactly who made them, just that it was a French company that does all the pillows for their hotel group. If I ever find out who makes them, I'll be sure to tell...
The next morning, I went down for breakfast, enjoyed a cup of coffee, checked out and went home. Easy peasy. I was told that my painting would be ready in a few days and that they would send me a picture of it by email. In a few weeks I would be able to pick up the actual painting to keep.
I absolutely love my painting. It's even signed and everything. I really like how it's sort of off centre, seemingly radiating down from the top left corner. It's interesting because usually I share a bed with my husband and I always sleep on the left side. However, even though I slept in this bed alone, all the activity is on the left, which reassured me that this sleep art was indeed mine ;)

 If you're interested, here's another video about the actual making of the talented artist robot:
If you made it down this far in the post, you're in for another treat. As your fellow interior design lover, you didn't think I would leave you without some interior inspiration, did you? I hope not. Here are some pictures I took of the Ibis Hotel lobby in Berlin where I stayed. I was so impressed by the design - hip, friendly, contemporary ... it evoked emotion and entertained my senses. Although, they had me right at first glimpse of the Tom Dixon Beat Lights lining the length of the back wall ;)

all images by me :) - Holly von Huene
...that's all folks. Glad to share this unique experience here with you. Sleep as art, made by a robot, gosh ... it's pretty exciting that I got to participate in such an interesting project. Thanks to those who made it possible!
'till next time, sleep well lovelies!
Xx. Holly. 


  1. Thank you for sharing all this Holly, experience + pictures made by you :)
    However super colorful and rather a little bit visually busy for my taste, the place is inviting, with very nice features.
    Fabulous sleep art by you and the sympathetic French robot painter + certainly fabulous lamps! Got to adore this golden inner lining!

    Have a delightful day!
    xxx Iro

  2. Wow...that is freakin awesome...really impressed with the technology...ridiculously complex to design that robot..again, wow. Thank you for sharing Holly!

  3. How fabulous is this hotel?!?!? I want to go there too!!! Great post, Holly!

  4. Wow, wow wow!!!!

    You kept this quiet! You are one of 40 people in 3 countries and you get to keep the painting. Wow!!!

    You are so brave. i probably wouldn't have been able to fall asleep knowing I'm somehow recorded or watched:)

    I LOVE the hotel lobby and although I'm probably not going to stay there I will definitely go and check it out. All these panels of drawing mindmaps:) just so inspirational and emotive!

    Fantastic project!!! Great you were part of it!

    Out of interest, how did you get to be part of it????
    Fantastic post!!! xx

  5. What a cool concept! This is completely something my husband and I would love--he loves computers/robots, and I love art. What an awesome hotel as well!! We're planning a trip to Europe this summer...maybe we can stay there for a night! And oh my gosh! If we do happen to go to Berlin, maybe we can meet in person! *Gasp* :)