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To my beloved readers,

As some of you may know, I have been struggling with a blogging question mark these days. After some thought and consideration of all your nice and useful comments and insights (TYSM!), I have finally made a decision. Well, sort of...

I think a restructuring of both my blogs are in order. I want to merge the two. I have some ideas about how to go about that, but I will need some time to actually make that happen and I need to experiment first a bit. Therefore, I have decided to take a longer blogging pause until early 2013 - to figure out my strategy.

Since things have changed in my life, I feel there is a need for change in my blogging too, and I didn't fully realize that until now. I was too focused on trying to find the time to post, when in actuality, something more meaningful was happening. I would like to re-examine my direction and gain a clearer vision of where I'm going and what I want to accomplish with my blogs. I need some time to do that.

I hope you'll be patient and revisit me when I'm all fresh and shiny :) Until then, I'll still be following and commenting on my favourite blogs. And of course, you'll find me posting regularly about home design topics over at We Heart Home (launching soon!). I'm so very thankful about that at the moment because I couldn't imagine not blogging at all about my favourite topic.

Until we meet here again, I hope to "see" you on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in the meantime!

Xx. Holly.


  1. Take the time you need, Holly! We will stay in touch!!! Big hugs!

  2. Take all the time you need, Holly! We'll be here whenever you are ready! :)

  3. Good luck, dear Holly! I'll still be here, and I'm so excited to see you again when you're fresh and shiny. :) Happy holidays!!

  4. I will definitely be patient! So looking forward to seeing the new blog! Good luck Holly xxx

  5. Transitions are very important, and to be embraced. You're already going with your intuition, so you already know this yourself. A mark of wisdom! Trevor.

  6. Thanks for all your comments and support! Blogging wouldn't mean nearly as much as it does to me if it weren't for you guys. I appreciate your words here so much :)


  7. Oops, late to the party! Apologies.. didn't realise you posted!!

    Well, I was going to say that I'll miss you blogging BUT you'll be churning out stuff at We Heart Home so at least that's something:)

    Glad you're taking your time to re-evaluate and re-design as with the new move to Berlin and the new job, a new chapter has started.

    So, in 2013 we'll have a new blog by Holly. Marvellous and exciting!!

    This goes without saying, if you want to bounce ideas or help with brainstorms, you know where I am. One little skype away!!

    Eagerly awaiting We heart Home.

    So long my friend. xx

  8. Good luck with everything my dear friend, with taking time, adjusting, reconsidering, while in the meantime blogging for We heart home and enjoying your beloved city!

    Looking forward to your blog posts there, however infrequent I'm on line, I'll be happy to visit you there from time to time.

    Lots of love from a quiet life by the woods, where blue sky and some smiling sunshine came out to shine on the last, already turned deep red and brown leaves. A little melancholic and a little poetic, too... and promising :)

    I think by writing this just now, my heart is skipping again for a new period of capturing daily life and posting... I hope time and universe will be both good friends to us, to bring us closer and in fact just in the center of where we deep down wish to be.

    Thank you for all your sharing and posting here so far once more... see you soon at your new blog :) xxx

  9. Holly, you are inspiring and always have amazing design insight. We cannot wait for your next endeavour and take as much time as you need for we will always be here!
    A x

  10. Can't wait to see whats next!

    Bonne chance!


  11. Sounds like a perfect plan, it's often when you allow yourself to step back and take stock that your best plans are made. I am looking forward to seeing more in 2013!

  12. Sounds like a plan, Holly. I think it's good that you're taking needed time to reexamine and figure out which direction is best for you. As you can see from these comments, we'll all be back once you've got it sorted. Looking forward to what's in store.

  13. This makes a lot of sense dearest Holly (and something I'm kinda going through myself). Being consistent is the part I find hardest and I need to work on/with that.

    Good luck with new blogging directions & until you return... xx

  14. Holly...have missed you. I am certain 100% that listening t your intuition about this is best. Look forward to get more of my HvH fix next year. Sending love and support.