My Blogging Question Mark

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Hey there! It's been quite a while, eh? I've been totally consumed with my new city, my new apartment, my new job ... everything is going super swell except I have no time to post on my blogs, let alone time to visit my favourite blogs. Which really makes me sad. And I wanted to talk to you, my readers, about that a bit...

Here's the deal. My new job actually involves me becoming the co-author of yet another blog in the home design field. My fellow bloggers will understand my excitement about this. Getting paid to blog, it's the bloggy-dream, right? So what is there to discuss then, you ask? Well, I just don't think I can manage three blogs in a day and still have the time to do other necessary things like eat, sleep, exercise and spend quality time with my family and friends.

I was optimistic that as I adjusted to all this newness, things would go back to normal. But a month has passed and I'm still struggling to manage it all. To be honest, I've failed. And I just don't see a solution other than re-organizing my blogging situation.

The work blog, which I am so excited to share all the details about as we get closer to launching, stays. But what about my two other blogs? What to do with HvH Interiors and The Design Chef? My friends, I just cannot imagine letting go of either of them, but I fear I have no other choice. What's a blogger to do, when they have too many blogs? I am flirting with the idea of combining them somehow... but it's difficult because they are so different. HvH Interiors has become a place to collect and share home design inspiration,  a place where I've connected with so many lovely people and where I get to offer my personal perspective. The Design Chef is quite impersonal in contrast, but it's an idea I feel is quite unique, one that I thought up all by myself and that I am so proud of. It's a project that means a lot to me. It also offers some home design inspiration, but in an indirect, less traditional manner. Plus, I just started it and I would be sad to let it go without having the chance to see it's potential.

So far, I am leaning toward adding a section to The Design Chef, where I can blog more traditionally and more personally about home design. But I'm just not sure. What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with that idea? Do you have any suggestions on how I could merge them? Or any other ideas or suggestions altogether? I would love to hear your thoughts, it would be so helpful.

I just realised how many question marks there are in this post! Well, since the title field is sill blank, I think I will title it "My Blogging Question Mark", lol.

How are you all doing? Any question marks of your own you'd like to throw out there? You are very welcome to share them here ... come on now, it would make me feel so much better ;)

Xx. Holly.


  1. Hi
    The work blog stays.
    HvH stays because who knows what the future will bring and as a result it would be good if that continues to be an up to date resource for you and subscribers. The design chef is a resource to be dipped into and IMO it doesn't matter if it is up to date, you could then add as and when time allows. Brian

  2. Hi Holly,

    I'm glad that things are going well for you.

    I, too, think that you should keep Design Chef. It is a great concept and if you have time to develop the recipes, I would love to see it continued.

    Could you keep this blog as well if you allowed yourself to update it on a less frequent basis?

    Personally, I think that combining the two would only dilute them. I vote to keep them apart. Maybe you can hire someone to blog for you? (big grin)


    PS: Even if I were paid to blog, I would still want my own blog that allows me to write what I wish.

  3. It's a difficult one.... and that's why you're asking for help, right??

    I wonder whether you'll be any wiser after our answers:) The reason I'm saying this is because personally I would hate for HVH to be killed off but I know how much more excited you are by The Design Chef....

    So, here's what I think: the work blog is clear.
    Maybe you can completely re-design The Design Chef where you incorporate those aspects of HVH we've all come to love. I do believe you have to go with what you feel passionate about and want to take further, as time is limited.

    Right now, the Design Chef, as it stands, is not a substitute for HVH, IMO, so here's your challenge. Make it work so that The Design Chef turns into a more meaty, sustainable and interesting blog. I know you can get there....

    Hope this helps. xx

  4. Hello Holly,

    there seems to be so much happening in your life at the moment !! I would love to meet you for a coffee and find out all the little details : )

    I totally think you should keep your very own blog alive! it would be so sad to see fade away. I totally think that you can merge them. I would love to have a weekly new design recipe and still get all your HVH ideas in the same place! I love love loved your design chef posts!!

    just do what feels right to you and do it in your time. Do you have to make a decision right now? maybe you want to see how you are going with your new job (CONGRATULATIONS!!!) first and then see how much time and energy you have for other things... could you guest post on the new blog you are setting up??

    well, there is lots happening over here on this side of the world too! have a look:


    Big hug to you from Australia XOX


  5. Hi Holly! First off, I want to say that I'm SO proud and happy for you on you new job!! That's wonderful to be living your dream! You are a talented writer and designer, and you'll go far, dear friend.

    I've come to love HvH Interiors ever since you reached out to me about my own work, and although I'm not as caught up with The Design Chef, I still think it's an extremely creative and well-thought-out idea.

    Here's the thing, though. This blogging business and advice from us? Some of it may make you feel better (or even more overwhelmed), but the real thing that matters is that you're passionate about what you're working on right now. As much as I would miss seeing HvH Interiors go, I would much rather you be happy and fulfilled in your current endeavors! :) You're really the only one in control of what you want to work on the most, and I know that you always deliver amazing content as it is. I think the only way to keep delivering quality content is to focus on a smaller load that you want to pull to a higher level, just as you said...and if that means having to put your energy solely into your new blog, I really do understand that. If you decide to update on HvH and Design Chef only occasionally (as in only once every few weeks), you can bet I'll still be here. :) I bet a lot of your followers would also. Whatever you choose, I think you will have made the right choice.

    I can't wait to see what's to come for you, dear Holly! *Imagine me shaking my cheerleader pom-poms wildly!!* :)

  6. Hey my dear!! First of all: I am very excited for you and your new job. Secondly: I can totally relate to your situation. I am in a somewhat similar struggle, but without two personal blogs. I just have one, and that is really enough currently.

    I must say that I love both your blogs and I wouldn't like seeing any of them disappear. My first idea was to suggest incorporating The Design Chef as a regular column into HvH Interiors, as this is your personal blog that has been around for quite a while. On the other hand, I see the great naming and potential of The Design Chef, too.

    To cut things short: I would merge the blogs into one "HvH Interiors" - with a visually clear and strong The Design Chef column on a regular basis. For me, this would work and I would love it:-) Hope this helps at least a bit...

  7. You guys are the best! Thanks for all your advice and thoughts, it means so much. All good points to keep in mind while I decide. We will soon find out what comes of it all I guess ;) Bigs hugs to each of you xoxoxo

  8. Hi Holly!
    First, congratulations on all this great news! These are wonderful problems to have. [wink] I love both of your blogs, but with your limited time and resources (and just short of creating a second you ;), here's my two cents: Is it possible to merge all the blogs into one? HvH and Design Chef can become regular columns/blog series on the work blog. This way you only have to maintain one blog and you don't have to struggle with creating content for all three.
    Will you keep us posted on what you decide? All the best, Holly!

  9. Congratulations with all your amazing news I'm so happy for you. :)

  10. hi holly,

    so much excitement and change in your life. wonderful! it makes everything shiny and new...

    both of your blogs have great value...have you considered a once-a-month post/newsletter? perhaps you can find one or two people to help you maintain your blogs.

    how fabulous! another paid blogging position! congrats...well deserved. hope to catch up soon. all things good. xx

  11. wow! what great news about your endeavors and dreams materializing. i guess i would see how much creativity is fulfilled with your new job. would you feel like either of the other blogs are overload? or repeating your ideas? that being said, keeping the HVH with a Chef feature would be what I lean towards but in the end, we will all follow what you choose. best of luck, my dear.

  12. Whatever you decide, the best of good luck my dear Holly!
    There are so many nice, thoughtful comments shared covering broadly the subject, that I'll keep mine short + minimal, while more elaborate thoughts are already somehow shared ;)

    Take very good care of YOU,
    xxx Iro

  13. Hi sweetie-I will check the others' comments in a minute, but I just wnted to say congratulations first! And-I think you should make your brilliant Design Chef idea a monthly (or whatever works for you) column/post that runs alongside hvh. It may even be able to be tied in to your house designs in some way-one influencing the other. You can also incorporate your paid posts on Hvh too. I think your readers will appreciate less regular posts of a great quality-everyone is so short of time these days and less is more! I cut down to one post a week, with maybe 7 or so of my own shots-it's enough I hope. We will all still love it and Design Chef will have it's own pride of place in its new home! xx

  14. Hi Holly!!
    Great news! I think you should merge them.
    Totally agree that you could do the Design Chef once a month or something. It's such an original blog. I hope you can keep both, but of course your job comes first. So excited for you!! Thanks so much for your messages. I'm so slow lately..
    big hug hx

  15. Combine them! Congrats on the new job and blogging adventure.