When one door closes...

Barn Conversion project by SHED Architects

Hello! Just popping by here quickly to let you all know that I'm in the midst of packing up my apartment and getting everything organized for the move TOMORROW. So much to do still.

The image above reminds me that as I close the door to this apartment, I will soon be opening the door to a new one. A new place, a new phase, a new chapter ... the feeling of unknown possibilities that comes along with that is quite exciting. At the same time, it is sad to say goodbye to the people, places and little routines that I have grown fond of here.

I will be absent online for a little while longer, but plan to be back mid october. Looking forward to it :)

Until then, keep well!
Xx. Holly.


Igor Josifovic says:
at: 26.9.12 said...

Excuse my direct wording, but this is 'door porn'. I love it!!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar says:
at: 26.9.12 said...

Good luck with the final push for the move! An exciting new adventure awaits and it starts tomorrow... yay! :)

tina says:
at: 26.9.12 said...

Honey, All the best of luck to you guys and see you real soon xxxx

Christine says:
at: 26.9.12 said...

Best, Holly! Can't wait to "see" you in October.

lafle says:
at: 27.9.12 said...

I'm sure your new home will be lovely and you'll met a few wonderful friends - actually that's what i wish you!! ;))) greets from a trip to Warsaw!!;D

Hege Sletsj√łe Morris says:
at: 27.9.12 said...

The best of luck to you, Holly! It'll be great! speak soon! hx

Iro - Ivy says:
at: 27.9.12 said...

Popping in to wish you a great and safe trip there!

Enjoy the ride my dear... Will places it so right...all the very best for you!


caroline @trend-daily says:
at: 28.9.12 said...

Oooh what a gorgeous shot! I hope the move went/is going really well Holly-what an exciting/exhausting time! Wishing you lots of fun exploring your new city and see you soon! xx

Johanna says:
at: 28.9.12 said...

Welcome to Berlin!

Gerard @WalnutGrey says:
at: 2.10.12 said...

I hope it's all going well Holly dearest and that you're settling happily in your new home xx

cabbagerose says:
at: 5.10.12 said...

what a door! sturdy and handsome. hope you are settled in nicely...xx

Holly says:
at: 12.10.12 said...

Thanks to all of you for the lovely wishes!! The move went very well, we are pretty settled in now. Can't wait to show you pictures of our new place ;)

Hugs to you all Xx.

ursula (room to bloom) says:
at: 17.10.12 said...

Looking forward to seeing your new place Holly!


Danie at Pasadya says:
at: 19.10.12 said...

Oh, hope the moving is going well, Holly! Can't wait to see your new home. :)

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