One Bedroom NYC Loft - Inspiring Spaces

It's fun to see what places looked like before a transformation. The little thumbnail in the corner shows the before shot. It's almost hard to believe. See what a little space planning and courage can do? 

Of course, I love the calming grey tones of this space,the modern aesthetic and personal touches. However, I would have brightened up the kitchen a bit, it's even a bit too grey for me. This one bedroom loft is situated in New York City. 

I think it's pretty cool. What do you think?

Xx. Holly.

* via NY Mag
* photos by Peter Marginelli


  1. Even though this is a small space, it transmits a very lofty and airy feeling due to its high ceiling and huge windows. I agree with the kitchen, at least a few colour pops with accessories would do the deal:-)

  2. What a lovely place. Love the transformation and of course the grey... It looks much bigger than before. thanks! hx

  3. Um. wow. I LOVE before and afters just to see how amazing the outcome is. This space is so open and filled with natural light. I don't think I would have a problem living in this loft. I actually like the kitchen the way it is, just because I lean toward "boring" designs, ha. I love the transition from the monotone kitchen the the open, airy living space. It all blends perfectly, in my opinion. Six months ago, I would have opted for extra pops, though. :) No telling what I'll say in another six months. Thanks so much for sharing, Holly. You always find the best spaces.

  4. I think it's a gorgeous space and with a little Tina touch in terms of colour, it will be perfect... always say it.. a little design goes a long way!

    Great find xx

  5. Wow, what a transformation! I always marvel at people who can see the potential in something. I'm not always good at that practice. Goes to show, you don't need much space to create something really incredible and livable.

  6. What a beautiful space. I'd love to have windows like that.

  7. hi Everyone! Glad you like this space. Before and afters are always quite inspiring and make us realize the possibilities.

    Wising you all great day, and thanks for stopping by here :)

  8. Hello Holly,

    happy Wednesday to you! It was a productive and beautiful day yesterday :)

    This is a wonderful place in every aspect, a real feast for the eyes, mind and soul.
    Amazing make over, love everything about this place!
    I do see your... kitchen points. Some fresh green plants and light colored wooden (birch perhaps) utensils like spoons, cutting boards and such would soften the feel there.

    xx, Iro

  9. Hi Holly,
    just to say thanks for your idea! Like it!
    have a nice day! hx

  10. oh, holly, i could move in here and be perfectly content...great space. xx

  11. @ cabbagerose: I know, right?! Me too ;)

    @Hege: You're welcome dear ;) Your bedroom is lovely!

    @ Iro: I agree, this place is a feast for the eyes, mind and soul. The light in there is amazing ;)

    Have a great day everyone Xx.

  12. Great space Holly & I love the kitchen. That said I would have to dump those awful dining room chairs ;-) The yellow works beautifully with the grey x

  13. Oh Gerard! I had the same thought as you. The chairs are not my taste at all either, too pointy and weird. They're vintage Paul McCobb. He's done nicer things in my opinion, but he does like that wing-y back rest - these are just too extreme :)

  14. Hi Holly,
    it would be great if you take part in the challene! :) Have a lovely day! hx

  15. the natural light in from those gorgeous windows did me in...as did the painting. i love it. very nice post, Holly. as always, your clean and stylish layout is eye candy.