I Fell In Love Today...

This is the image that started a fresh new love affair. I found it thanks to Walnut Grey Design (one of my regular reads for design info and inspiration) and his latest blog post. Thanks again Mr. Grey!

I was quite attracted to the image, so I followed the link to the architect's site to see if I could discover more of the space there. Well I did. See what I found. 

I swear, I looked at these images for like an hour. My husband and I couldn't stop talking about why the space was so great, and what kind of modifications we would make if we lived there. Adding some warmth with more wood and some plants was high on the list. It was fun to pretend for an hour that we were moving in. Eventually, after my heart rate returned to normal, we wiped the drool from our chins and got back to work.

This doesn't happen often, that I fall so hard and fast. But I'm completely in love with it. I look at spaces and collect inspiration all day long. When I find something good, I usually bookmark it to a folder titled "to be blogged about". But this space didn't even make it to that folder.  

Eventually, one day soon, we will finally be moving from our temporary Frankfurt apartment. You can be sure I will be clutching these images in my hand during or house hunt, wherever that may be.

This 64m2 loft space was designed by Tamizo Architects Group.

How's your day going? Did you fall in love today?
Xx. Holly.


  1. Hello lovely Holly, all in love.... I can see why you fell in love. From the little I know of you I can imagine this being very you, although am surprised how masculine it is... no doubt with your plants and little feminine touches, you would make it look beautiful.

    As you can imagine, it's a little starck for me although I can appreciate the beauty. It's missing colour (for me) and some texture. I would feel like I'm living in a beautiful museum space:)
    and particularly need kitchens to look like they are used for cooking...

    However, I'm more excited about seeing you (sort of) so excited.. and wish you a lovely day in your loved up mood xxx

  2. Oh, may I publicly say how great your new blog design is looking.... it goes perfectly hand in hand with this loft you are displaying...

    Tres chic!

  3. Oh Holly, what a spectacular space! How fun to just let go with your husband and talk about what you would do with it. I love those unproductive, but AWESOME, moments. I love the white palette, the high ceilings, and those gorgeous windows letting in all the light. Beautiful.

  4. Hey Tina! I can feel that you understand my style :) Although I know we have different tastes, I'm happy we can appreciate each other's points of view. After all, great design goes beyond taste - taste is personal and that's what makes it all so fun! Thanks for the compliments on my blog design. It required many a stressful moments but it's almost the way I like it - as far as what I can do myself with my amateur coding skills :) It means a lot to me that you feel some coherence between my personal tastes and my blog look. Hope you are having a lovely day Xx.

    ps. downside of this new blog template is that I can't reply to individual comments now ... maybe I'll look into fixing that another time.

    Hey Danie! Your right, stumbling upon this space did result in an unproductive, yet AWESOME time. Daydreaming is fun! Glad you like the space too Xx.

  5. Hi Holly. So great you love this space. I can see we do have so much taste in common. Thanks for the mention too.

    I would add some more wood... maybe Wishbone Chairs or CH33 dining chairs... and colour accents in the kitchen with particular accessories. Structurally there'd be no change from me, but I would want to name check a few design pieces in there :-)

    I love the new pared back website design. Very much suits you.


  6. I love the huge, loft like windows and the white exposed brick walls. I would so love to have a white brick wall. But then again, I'd need a loft like apartment:-) And for the time being, I will keep on returning here for inspiration...

  7. First things first, I love the new site design and layout. I can't believe this template is from blogger. I thought for certain you had switched over to WP! Well, great job.
    I can definitely see why you fell hard in love with this interior. I love everything about it. I do agree with you, it just needs some natural elements like wood and plants. A handful of great art would also take this space to the next level.

  8. Wow what a great place! No wonder you love it. I do too. Love the cupboard wall.
    I also LOVE your new blog design. Very nice!
    Thank you so much for the nice comments on my blog! It's always great to hear from you!
    Have a nice day! Hx

  9. Hey everybody. Thanks for the compliments on the blog design. I worked on it over the weekend and almost cried all of Sunday because I messed it all up in the last moment and couldn't restore my old template. I was freaking out. Anyway, by Monday afternoon I achieved what I wanted. I now have a few extra grey hairs and a little more html skills ;) Of course, I will keep tweaking it here and there but I think I am satisfied with this direction. I appreciate your encouragement Xx.

    @Gerard: We do share a similar aesthetic G! Wouldn't it be fun to do a big project together one day? ;) I agree, wood, a bit of nature and colour needed here (also not a fan of those dining chairs in this space) but as you said, structurally perfect.

    @Igor: I know! The brick wall and the windows are so magnificent. The floors are just beautiful ... ok stop me now before I list everything, lol. Glad you are inspired by it too.

    @Theresa: the template was created to be used on Blogger, but it's not a regular blogger template - I got it here: http://www.dzignine.com/ I actually almost did transfer to WP after my disaster but I felt way to scared to make the switch, plus I didn't have the patience, I was already almost at the end of my rope. One day I'd like to hire someone to build me a professional site, but until then, I'm quite happy with this :) So, about the space. I'm glad you like it! You are so right about some art in here. I hadn't made it there in my head yet, but definitely art!

    @Hege: Hey lady! Glad you enjoyed the little tour. The built in storage is so perfect for this space since it's so small. Same with the kitchen/dining in one unit. Clever ideas :) Tamizo did such a great job. There other projects are pretty amazing too.

    Have a great day all Xx.

  10. That is a gorgeous space. I'm with you on the warming it up with plants, wood, etc. The possibilities are endless, with an incredible space like this! Love it so much.

  11. Holly,my dear, I LOVE your face-lift! Been wanting to change mine for a while too. This is inspiring. As for the space, love the brick walls and wonderful floors. And yes, plants are in order! You know how I am about having a little nature around. :)

  12. it is easy to fall in love with this space...fab. wonderful new blog design...congrats! all things good.

  13. Hello dear Holly,

    the white brick walls, the huge windows (much like dear Igor said) and that oh - so - gorgeous fishbone wooden floors are indeed magnificent characteristics of this overall fabulously designed space!

    I can see Tina's point and I'd have no worries that with a few touches here and there, this would turn into a gem.

    Good luck with the house hunt!

    xx, Iro

  14. They are absolutely a favorite!