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Sometimes during my daily design research online, I come across product designs that just absolutely thrill me in some way. It delights me so much I get this overwhelming urge to blab about it. Do you ever feel like that? First, I usually tell my husband about my discovery, disrupting him from his studies, hoping he'll share in my enthusiasm. Usually he does.  But telling one person just doesn't cut it. Thankfully, I can turn to you guys! So here they are people -  a few product designs that caught my attention and got me all excited.

Flat Bulb by Joonhuyn Kim

Flat instead of round? Why not? These babies won't roll, saving them from falling and breaking. They're easier to pack and stack, saving money and space. Why are lightbulbs round again?

images via Freshome 

rEvolution wine glass by Jakobsen Design

Instead of the traditional vertical design, Jakobsen Design thinks horizontal. Just by changing the direction, not only do you get a unique look, but the glass becomes sturdier than before while being capable of the same function. A base is no longer needed and the angled position of the glass opening makes it easy for sipping and pouring. Interesting and smart, no?

images via Yanko Design

News! * one item has been removed due to patent process *

Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector by Louise van der Veld

How cute is that? Louise van der Veld turns a boring necessity into something fun. Inspired by the American black-capped Chick-a-dee, its appearance and name is a tribute to the actual bird and its warning call. Yes, it actually chirps! Too fun. I'd take a white one to discreetly blend into the white walls and ceiling. I'm sure that every time I looked at it I would smile.

images via The Initiator and Company

So there you have it, isn't design great? Whether it solves a problem, provides a unique point of view, or simply makes you smile, good design makes life better. 

Happy day to you,
Xx. Holly 


  1. That flat bulb is a real highlight - love it!!

    1. I know! It just really surprised me, that one.

      Hi Igor!

  2. loving them all! from the flat light bulb, to this awesomely elegant in its modern design glass wine, to the brilliant & practical pinch hunger & to that really sweet smoke detector!

    A question arises: would the flat bulb fit to regularly built light fixtures? something about the stripes on its neck may indicate that it's made for special designs. Yes, no? You'll enlighten me, I'm sure & counting on you :)

    Thank you for sharing Holly!
    Big hug xoxo

    1. Thanks for your comment Iro :) You are right, these bulbs probably couldn't fit a regular socket ... probably why they don't exist ... but it's a great concept ;)


    2. don't exist? ...well then here's to brining great concepts to life! whatever they might be ; )

      Hugs! xoxo

    3. ps. I realized that even though the base is flat, it would still work in a regular socket. The ridges are still round on the sides so it would screw in as usual. Now I'm even more convinced that someone needs to pick up this idea. ;) Xx.

  3. What a great, stimulating and fun post, my love.
    I love all the quirkyness.

    Those products are great. And you are so right with your very wise statement: "Whether it solves a problem, provides a unique point of view, or simply makes you smile, good design makes life better."

    That is why I believe good design can change the world!

    Great finds and thanks for sharing xx

  4. I love them all. Think my favorite is the smoke detector as they always look so ugly. This one's a lot more fun.
    Have a great day!

  5. That bird smoke detector is the answer to my dreams! I'm going to check them out to see if they will pass British regulations and if so - great for children's rooms (and anywhere else in the house for that matter)!

    1. Yay on the birdie smoke detector! I think he's the winner of this post ;)

      Thanks for stopping by here! Glad you found something you liked :)

  6. Good design does make life better, especially when a product solves a common problem and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Love this fun post, Holly!

  7. Thanks for all the comments people! It's nice to see you appreciate these ideas as much as I do :)

  8. What awesome products! My husband NEEDS those hangers. :)

  9. Great products Holly, thanks.

    I love the bird - smoke alarms are always so ugly and difficult to place and this is an inspirational idea. Tina and Ursula told me about it.

    I've Pinned the hanger to my 'Hanging and Pegging' board, hope that's ok, http://pinterest.com/greenonered/hanging-and-pegging/

    1. Nice to see you here Nicola, thanks for your comment. The smoke alarm is a really charming idea! Glad you liked it. And yes, glad you are pinning away.

      Your Tumblr is beautiful btw. And such a great concept - tune in at 4 for your tea break! - Love it. Will be over there today :)

      Happy Friday.

  10. News Flash - The Chic-A-Dee smoke detector is now for sale in the UK! Thanks for sharing this find Holly - I fell in love with it and have posted about it now that it is available in the UK too (as you've seen XXXX).