Interior Products - Goodies in My Inbox

Some exciting things have popped up in my inbox. Naturally, I wish to share them with you.

First up is the brand new Milky Collection by Mineheart. Remember, I posted about the Mineheart online shop previously? Inspired by cows, I think this collection is quite darling. Yes please, to that super stretched cowhide rug.

And then some great stuff from SMD Design - which I met at the Ambiente fair this year.

I had asked them to send me some pics of three of their products I saw but couldn't find on the website yet. So they sent them to me, nice right? Great storage solutions and I wouldn't object to looking at that lovely clock first thing in the morning.

I was also informed that their Urban Garden won the Elmia Garden Award. When I saw the picture, I could understand why. The base is adjustable, so you can make it as long as you need. Sleek, modern, minimal, it's the perfect solution for urban dwellers. I would love one on my roof top terrace ;)

Hope your week is progressing nicely.
Xx. Holly.


  1. Good morning Holly dear!

    I'm glad to be already finding another post as I came to properly devote a little time into sharing my thoughts with you other than browsing through.

    My tiredness betrayed me last night after what was a very busy & productive day here at the ex cave ;)

    I must say I love anything involving cows & I do love them so as animals themselves.
    But what totally strikes me here is the "Urban garden". Brilliant & oh so very pretty!
    It answers my visualizations for the front Southeast veranda. No, let's see how I 'll make it to afford that for us ;)

    Sending much love all your ways up there lady!
    Enjoy your day, xoxo

  2. an addition to my previous comment after having searched for the urban garden. Is there a direct link to this product perhaps?
    Looking at the garden section, that's all I could find:


    Kind thanks in advance. Off I go continuing with another busy day... xoxo

    1. Morning Iro! Thank you for all your lovely comments :) As for the Urban Garden, it's a very new product and that's why I think it's not listed on the site. There are more pictures of it in the "Press" section on the SMD Design website. But if you are looking for more specifics (like price, materials, dimensions, etc.), I would just contact them. They are nice :)


      Off to fly with Pauli in about an hour ;) Pretty excited!

      Wishing you another productive day my dear Xx.

  3. Hello lovely,
    Been thinking of you all day wondering how the flight went..:) I know you are in safe hands... but....

    You know I loved the Mineheart collection first time round. I'm less keen on the stuff from SMD Design, sorry:) what I do like is that they keep to their word. They obviously have a good marketing department and realise that good communication with potentially future customers is key. Well done guys!

    Their stuff is a little too rigid for me (Gerard, where are you??) So Mrs Grey, after searching for years to find some lovely urban roof terrace containers I'm now firmly loyal to this:

    Bye from a very warm and sunny London and from sitting out on the terrace:) xx

  4. Oh, btw, nice photoshop skills x

    1. Flight was great! Super fun, I'm a proud pilot's wife ;)

      Yes, I agree some of the SMD stuff is on the rigid side, but I like it like that, lol! The Baclong and Bacsquare are pretty cute, but you see, too soft for my taste maybe ... I guess you may have figured that already :)

      I was really happy too that they followed up on my request for some product pics. They score points with me for that.

      Thanks for noticing my photoshop work ... always trying stuff, I quite like this last attempt ;) I'm gonna stick with it.


    2. Hey Holly. Great photoshop work going on. Love it! I can't make up my mind about SMD Design. I like it, but not sure I would buy it. The clock is very cool, however the storage is somewhat rigid (hi Tina!). It looks as though it would work well in a great office space. I do like the urban garden, especially the more compact version in the bottom pic. Overall, I do think there is much better Scandinavian design out there... :-)

      Thanks for posting xx

    3. Hi Gerard! I completely agree that the SMD storage solutions would be best in an office ... that's exactly the feeling they give me too. I would especially take "Storage" for an office - all white and sleek and quite discreet. I am really liking the Urban Garden too, even the ones with the rails, because I like the idea of climbing vines, but would do without the top compartment ... ok, since this reply seems to be going in this direction ... I should mention I'm not a huge fan of the legs for "Studio". But there isn't a single thing I'd change about "Klocka".

      Ah yes, what we like, what we don't like, it's all different and complex - love it. It's rare that I find things I'd take as is.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I like these discussions :)


  5. Oh my!! I want myself such an urban garden! Craving greens these days! Such a cool idea!