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The Nordic Bliss Shop is a wonderful online shop for home accessories and furnishings, and yes, they ship world-wide. Yay!

Before I tell you more, have a look at some of my favourite Nordic Bliss products:

clockwise: pillow cover "life goes on", desk lamp with antique finish,
reindeer antler candle holder, metal stool.
clockwise: owl candle stick, magazine holder in wood, round wool rug, cable knit vase.
clockwise: golden bowls, chubby glass vase, wooden table, wire baskets (set of 2).

So great, right? This beautiful and carefully curated mix of products, boasting modern Nordic style inspiration with industrial suggestions (which I adore!), is the work of Marianne and Andreas Lamberth. This dynamic duo are originally from Scandinavia but now live in London.

Marianne says it best: "Here you can find beautiful accessories and decorative items such as cushions, candle holders, throws and other pretty things. We have a growing collection of Nordic brands and designers in our shop so that you can create your dream home".

I so feel the love here. Don't you?

Learn more about the shop and all their glorious products by visiting Nordic Bliss. For more Nordic inspiration, stop by the Nordic Bliss blog, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. You won't be sorry.

Xx. Holly.

*** Images via Nordic Bliss. Thank you!


kat @ dot dot dash says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

Love the Nordic Bliss shop! Gorgeously simple products
- kat

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

I agree Kat, great description :) Thanks for the comment, glad you like!

Igor Josifovic says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

The rug and the desk lamp - love. Actually, love everything from Nordic Bliss:-)

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

I know! It was so hard to choose, lol! Happy day to you Igor, thanks for stopping by :) Xx.

Maria says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

Hi Holly, The cable knit vase, like it. maria

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

Hi Maria!!!!! Nice to see you here :) Thanks for your comment :) xoxo

Nordic Bliss says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

Thank you Holly for writing about our shop! :)

tina says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

Well, I'm pleased you've chosen at least some colour here:)

I've been on the site and really like the purple vase/water jug and the amber vase. Been meaning to get them. x

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

My pleasure! :)

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 1.3.12 said...

heehee, I have been colour-shy lately ... :) Thanks for stopping by here, Tina. Talk to you tomorrow!! :)


Iro {Ivy style33} says:
at: 2.3.12 said...

Yes Holly, when visiting Marianna's shop & blog the love is always evident and well felt. Just as you yourself felt and are pointing out!

I love their very selective choices & have been drooling over those wire baskets for a long time. Hope that they will still be available when I can place an order.

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 2.3.12 said...

Hi Iro! Those wire baskets will look great in your place ;) Xx.

Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE says:
at: 3.3.12 said...

Oh, really gorgeous wares. Thanks for the tip (just followed on Twitter ;). After this comment, I'm going to go check out the entire site. I'm on the hunt for pillows...
Have a great weekend, Holly!

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 3.3.12 said...

Glad you stopped by and found something you liked :). Makes me really happy. Have a great weekend too Xx.

PureLivingInteriors says:
at: 3.3.12 said...

What a great selection of wonderful items! Nordic Bliss is truely an amazing onlineshop.
Love to drop by Marianne's blog, too. It's one of my daily reads and it's always a pleasure!

Have a lovely first spring weekend, Holly!

Lysann x

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 3.3.12 said...

Hi Lysann! The Nordic Bliss blog is among my daily reads too. Always great inspiration there :) Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated. Xx.

Hege Sletsj√łe Morris says:
at: 4.3.12 said...

Hi Holly
Thank you so much for your lovely message.
Following you by mail :)
Have a great week!

Johanna says:
at: 5.3.12 said...

The lamp! Oh, I so want one of those!

Danie at Pasadya says:
at: 6.3.12 said...

Awesome magazine organizers and wooden table!! Beautiful inspiration. :)

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 6.3.12 said...

Hi Danie! Nice to meet you here :) Thanks for your comment. Going to check out your blog now :) Xx.

Interior Decorators says:
at: 9.3.12 said...

Like the lamp very much. It alone can make room attractive.

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