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Since I offer online eDesign services, I like to provide my readers with online homeware shopping resources - as this is in line with my philosophy of "design without borders".

Therefore, the shops I share with you here have a common theme: online shopping, world wide shipping and liked by yours truly.

I'm pleased to share with you today a very charming shop called PaperBoy. They specialize in "children's wallpaper where boy's themes meet grown up style", which is something unique, as it's not so easy to find.

Have a look at some of my favourite designs:

"How it works" - Stone Wallpaper

"Hand Made" Grey Wallpaper 

"Spitfires" Grey Brown Wallpaper

"ere-be-dragons" Red Blue Wallpaper

How sweet, right? I know they're geared towards boys but I would happily choose some of them for girl's rooms too, like "Hand Made" for example, or even "ere-be-dragons" for fierce girls! I love the "not-too-childish" look of them and the colours are really great. All PaperBoy wallpapers are designed and made in England. Their designs are also offered as fabrics.

Visit PaperBoy for more information.

I don't have children, but it seems lots of people around me are expecting, so my mind has been more open to children's interior design solutions lately. Really glad I found PaperBoy.

Xx. Holly.

***images courtesy of PaperBoy.


Igor Josifovic says:
at: 29.3.12 said...

Being an uncle to two nieces and two nephews, I always think of what it would be to design their rooms one day:-) Wallpaper would be absolutely a must - at least for a fun feature wall. I like these designs - the last one is like a fairytale all over your wall:-)

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 29.3.12 said...

"A fairy tale all over your wall" !! Love that!


tina says:
at: 29.3.12 said...

Awww. Now i want to decorate a child's room. Ursula, where are you?????

I'm a little upset that they call it paperboy. I agree that the designs are not 'girlish' but then there are, as you say, a lot of fierce and tomboyish girls around.

I wish they would market themselves as wallpaper for cool kids. Full stop. If I was a girl I would feel excluded:(

Great find, you online guru!!! Or better guruess:)

Danie at Pasadya says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

Awesome shop, Holly! Eeek, that dinosaur wallpaper is adorable, and so is the wallpaper with dragons. I always thought I would paint a mural or something on my (future) kids' walls, but if I'm feeling wallpaper, I'm doing something like this!

Meta Musings says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

super cute! love the first one :)

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

I know, where is Ursula, right? Maybe I'll tweet her about it later ;)

I know what you mean about the name's gender direction - but this store was set up because it is so hard to find cool wallpaper for boys. Wallpaper for kids can be too sweet, and too girly, generally speaking - now the boys are no longer left out.

Plus the name shouldn't stop anyone from buying them for girls - if so, their loss.

Oh gender. It's beautiful and ugly all at once.

Thanks for your comment Tina - always got me thinking Xx.

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

A mural by you would definitely be the best and most personal option - but I could definitely understand a tired mom (even if she's an artist) giving into the simplicity of wallpaper - especially when it's this cute, right!?


holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

Hey Chantal! Thanks for your comment :)

Just went to check out your website. Your portfolio is great! Love your work in the Venice Beach Loft.

See you round the blogoshpere!


Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE says:
at: 30.3.12 said...

These are such great wallpapers geared toward children. I'm not a big fan of action hero or cartoon themed children's rooms, so these wallpapers are really appealing to me. Hello "How it Works" wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.

holly@hvhinteriors says:
at: 31.3.12 said...

Thanks for stopping by Theresa :) How it Works is quite amazing - I assume you looked at it up close. It's so creative!


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