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Hello out there!

It has been a very long while since I've written here. And it is after much deliberation that I have finally decided that it's time to wrap up the HvH Interiors story.

I will no longer be publishing blog posts here, but I will keep the blog live anyways. I find myself referring to it often for inspiration or information - so if not just for myself, maybe some of you out there can still make use of it.

Starting this blog has propelled me into a world I didn't even know existed. And through it, I developed my interior style, got some opportunities to work on some eDesign projects, and met super amazing people. For these reasons, it is a project I will always cherish.

THANK YOU to all of you who have supported this blog by reading and sharing your comments on my posts. I am so deeply grateful for that and it has definitely made this whole experience even more fulfilling than I could have imagined.

But don't worry, I will not be disappearing completely from the blogging world. You will still find me posting over at We Heart Home and The Design Chef (after a bit of construction). I also have a few new projects lined up so you can follow me on my social channels to keep up to date.

Very best wishes!

Xx. Holly.


Holly at Tendence 2012 (pt. 2/2)

So last week I shared some of my favourite sightings from a few special sections of the Tendence 2012 show. Today, I would like to share all the other stands and products that grabbed my attention. Some you may already know about, but hopefully you will make a few discoveries here too.

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House of Rym

images courtesy of House Of Rym